Software Auditing: A New Task for U.K. Universities

UNESCO's Mission in the Promotion of International Cooperation

Technology Assessment &Training for a Brazilian School

Pilot Project in International Electronic Distance Education in Russia

Product Focus

Ericsson PBX Boasts Modular Architecture

Broadcast Info. Over Classroom Monitors

Compaq Presario ES for Education Serves With Style

Apple Unveils Three New Power Macs for Education

Dell PCs Offer Many Networking Options

Cordless Headphones Work with PCs & TVs

Microprojector Suits Science Instruction

CD-ROM Server Houses 7 Drives

Bundle Connects LANs to Internet

Twinax Adapter Has No Swtiches, Jumpers


Illinois School Finds that TVs Offer More than Entertainments

New Technology Training Method Brings Ga. Educators Out of the Dark

Small Washington District Enhances Staff Development with Videos

Students Take Hands-On Approach To Learn About Health-Related Careers


International Activities

Ed-Tech Trends

New Presentation Tools Improve Instruction & Collaboration Options

Multimedia News

Geography Experts Supply Global Views

Simplify Research Via Comton's New Titles

"Build" Robots While Learning Geometry

Historical Reference CD Integrates Writing Tool

Vast Greek Resource Boasts 25,000 Images

Experience Life in the 18th Century

Madeline Leads Girls On Learning Trips

Journey the Ancient Asian Trade Route

Learn About Art Masters on CD Duo

Psych Journals Are on CD-ROM

News/In Brief

Center Helps States Raise Education Standards

Lotus Expands Ed. Pricing Program

Order K-8 Materials Directly Via Internet

Receive Free Copy of OMR Software

Proxima Announces New Online Contest

Cisco to Award $500,000 in Grants

"Test Drive" C++ Development Tool

Iowa Community Colleges Buy Admin. Package

Free Kit Promotes Family Reading

Newsletter Covers Programming Issues

Firms to Co-Develop Video-Based Lessons

Education Discounts Are For USR Mobile Solutions


Modems Support ISDN and Analog Calls

Take Part in Historic Flight Around the World

Rent Satellite Access for Low Monthly Fee

Net Filtering Service Adds Override Option

CyberFair '97 Calls for Entries

PBS Hosts "Field Trips" to Colonial America

International Channel Eliminates Most Fees

Direct PCs to Boot from a LAN Server

Learning System Has Hands-On Projects


Calif. State University System Streamlines Financial Applications Across 22 Sites

Administer, Grade Tests Over the Web

Thematic Unit Covers China Past & Present

Free Materials Help One Use the Internet