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South Carolina District Adopts Digital Curriculum for Accelerated Math

South Carolina's Darlington County School District has gone public with its use of digital curriculum in grade 8 accelerated math classes.

The district chose Apex Learning Tutorials for their instructional approach and access to performance and progress data in real time.

The district's accelerated math program covers Mathematics 8 and Algebra I in a single year. Students in the program use the digital tutorials both in the classroom and as homework.

"Students access content through self-directed study or individual learning plans developed from assessment results," according to a news release. "Immediate access to progress and performance data allows teachers to make informed instructional decisions."

"The rigor of the Tutorials coupled with the freedom for students to direct their own study efforts combine to help my students succeed," said Jaime Conner, a teacher in the district, in a prepared statement. "These students are now one year ahead of their cohort, enabling them to enter high school at a 10th grade math level."

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