Partnering to Establish a Distance LearningProgram That Is Responsive to Needs

The TEMPO Model: Outreach Program for Educators

Public-Access TV Channels Enhance Community

The Virtual Reality Roving Vehicle Project

Maya Mythology & Multimedia: Using Each to Teach the Other

Product Focus

Course Helps Students Pass A+ Certification

80-Inch Projection TV Is Movable & Bright

Free Software Pkgs. Enhance Monitors

Video Printer is More Compact Than Ever

Create Durable Photo Transfers for Garments

Calculator Graphs Multiple Equations

Film Recorder is True "Plug & Play"

CPU Upgrades Speed Up Processing Times

Device Eases Simple Color Applications

Inkjet Prints Color & Black Simultaneously

New PCs Optimize Price & Performance

Video Editing Sys. Is An Edit-Suite-in-a-Box

Graphics Accelerator Boosts Power Mac

Color Copier/Printers Suit Workgroups

Watch CD-I, Video, And MPEG on PCs

Storage & Transfer of Huge Files Simplified

Pentium PCs Priced Lower for Educators


Computerized Reading Program Is Main Attraction at Preston Library

Graduate Students Learn About Research by Completing Hands-On Survey Project

Science Museum Creates CD-ROM Catalog of Microscopic Fossils

University of Michigan's Sunrayce Strategy Is Enhanced by PCs Linked to Satellites

Elementary Teachers Track Attendance With Student Administration System

Document Cameras Help Inject Life into Georgia College Telecourses


Editorial Graphics and Visualization

Ed-Tech Trends

CD-Recording Systems Transform Educators into Digital Publishers

Multimedia News

Music Ed. CD-ROM Teaches Blues Style

Disc Includes Actual Apollo 13 Footage

Video Series Promotes "High-Tech Teaching"

Customize & Edit Mac Presentations

Engineering SW Teaches Dynamics

Create Compressed MPEG on PCs

SW Targets Kids With Reading Problems

Video Program Helps Overcome Differences

Practice Taking TOEFL Test In Windows

Series Helps Educators Improve Their Schools

Sound Systems Offer Versatality, Practicality

Business Simulation Plays Like a Game

SW Teaches Children Geography & Time

Video Offers Job Seekers Interview Preparation Tips

Program Cultivates Visual Awareness

Kit Enables Educators To Teach Multimedia

Tutorial Assists in Learning AutoCAD

News/In Brief

Simulations Promote Change in Classroom

Magazine Readers Select "Best Mac Security Product"

HotJava Apps Contest to Award $1 Mill. in Prizes

NSAE Standards Being Adopted Across US

Independent and Distance Learning Awards Announced

Arizona District Chooses Alexandria Library System

Training Institute Offers More Hands-On Courses

Firm to Process All DOE Financial Aid Applications

NSBA Conference Issues Call for K-12 Presenters

Maintenance Agreement Controls Upgrade Costs

Bentley Announces Contest And Academic SW Pack

K-8 Discount Book Offers Tech Educators Savings

Firm Announces Accredited SMT Training Program

Directory Lists 1,200 InfoTech Groups

School District to Produce Student CD-ROM Profiles

PACE, Inc. announced its Accredited Training Center (ATC) Program to

Industry Leaders Attend School-to-Work Summit


Modem Device Even Works With PBXs

Financing Option Offers Shortcut to Info. Hwy.

College Search SW Enhanced by Users

Set Time Limit on Online Activities, Games, Etc.

Transform Docs for Electronic & Web

Control Training Rooms' Video Devices by Touch

JDL Sells Internet Servers to K-12

UPS Line Protects Internet Users

Agreement Furthers Distance Ed. Efforts

Book/CD Pkg. Has HTML Templates

Book Assists Research Via 'Net

Video Network System Suits Any Classroom

Net SW Has Access, Protective Functions

Demo Shows Off Ed. Internet Service

Product Teaches Adults Internet Fundamentals

AOL to Freely Link 2,000 Calif. Schools

Returning Students Have New Video to Help


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