Testing Multimedia in the Community College Classroom

Teaching the 'Net Without a Net: Custom Simulations Boost Freshmen's PC Skills

Design Standards for Visual Elements and Interactivity for Courseware

Networked Multimedia at the University of Connecticut

Product Focus

Lock-Down Stations Protect Equipment

Produce Photo ID Or Graphic ID Cards

New Printer Boasts Smear-Free Ink

10x CD-ROM Drive Draws Power from PC

Audio Adapter Is Made for Classrooms

Ergonomic Products Use Patented Gel

Slide Recorder Has Time-Saving Features

Create Professional Labels for Your CDs

PC Companion Weighs Under One Pound

Touch Sensor Binds to 17" Monitor

HP Printers Deliver Photo-Quality Color

Large-Screen Monitor Costs Under $1,600

Reading System Helps the Learning Disabled

System Facilitates Keyboard Training

Video Camera Folds for Transport


Media Distribution System Transforms College Classrooms

Keeping Students & Teachers Interested Is Easier With Hi-Tech Language Lab

Gradebook Software Keeps Students and Parents Informed


Multiple Media for the Classroom & Media Center

Ed-Tech Trends

Social Studies Programs Connect the Past and Present

Multimedia News

Learn Your Science in a 3D World

Videodisc Series Centers on Science

Video Supplies "Sound" Advice

Presentation & Testing Suite Has Online Edge

Videos Will Help Students "Ace" Math

New Britannica CD Includes Online Link

SW Tutorials Feature Unique Split Screen

Slam Dunk Students' Typing Skills

Explore Picasso with QuickTime VR

Swim With Sharks in Animal Planet

HIP Series Now Available for Math

Master Teacher Shares Methods w/ Colleagues

News/In Brief

Student Info. System Will Suit Higher Ed.

Site Offers Schools Administrative Services

Search Database for College Scholarships

Canon Lowers VIZCAM Price for Ed. by $300

NGS Kids Network Adds Grades 6-9

ThinkQuest Awards $1 Million in Prizes

IBM Recommends UPS for AS/400 Server

Ed. Tech. Conference Calls for Presentations

District Outsources IT Department

Canadian Ministry of Ed. Chooses Math SW Trio

Pa. High School Sports Sony Learning Systems

Internet Guide Uses Hands-On Approach

Academics Can "Test Drive" Microsoft SW

Captioning Firm Approved By Nat'l Assoc. of Deaf


Author & Manage Web Sites w/Just a Browser

IBM Expands RS/6000 Video Server Family

Award Goes to Net-Teaching Pkg.

Access Enterprise Data Sources in Real Time

Free Microsoft CD Helps K-12 Connect

Electronic "Field Trip" to Air on Regular TV

New Products Facilitate Distributed Computing

Network Computer Costs About $600

Tennessee's Schools Are Connected to the Internet at High-Speed

Videoconf. Solutions Work Across Platforms

LAN Voice Server Adds New Feature

PBS Mathline Does Inservice for K-8

Online Service Aids Student Researchers

Ethernet Hub Takes Advantage of Fiber


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