Special Feature

Library Automation: It's All About Connections


Mentored Online Seminar: A Model for Graduate-Level Distance Learning

Asynchronous Learning Networks: Drexel's Experience

Architecture and Costs of Connecting Schools to the NII

Wireless Infrared Networking in The Duke Paperless Classroom

Product Focus

New S-VHS Editing VCR Boasts Super Built-ins

Firm Debuts an Electronic Pen w/ Built-in Eraser

Scan Entire Human Body in Color and 3D

Clip-On Touchscreen Sells for Under $200

Desktop Video Camera Sports Rotatable Head

Portable Desk Fits Notebook PC Users

Desktop LCD Projector Delivers Bright Images

Active-Matrix Panel at Under $2,000 Eyes K-12

Windows 95: What It Means to Education What Windows 95 Brings to Education

Zenith Enhances Line of Z-STAR Notebooks

Large-Screen Monitors Suit Education Settings

Digital Still Camera Connects to PC or TV

Cart Houses Computer & Several Components

Device Converts VGA Signals to Video Output

New Sharp Notebooks Go Wireless & Add Trackpad

LAN/WAN Stack System Adjusts to Meet Needs

New HP Inkjet Printers Produce Vivid Colors

"PC-Less" Keyboard Now Works with Macs & IBMs


Firm Designs Facility for Total English Language Immersion

Grayslake High School's Infrastructure Goes Wireless to Cope With Growth

Engineering Students Get Practical CADD/CAM Training

Minn. District Develops New Process For Evaluating Minority Students


Editorial (untitled)

Guest Editorial (untitled)

Ed-Tech Trends

New Software Packages Bring Music to Students' Ears

Multimedia News

Disc Contains Over 45 Computer References

Study Guides Cover Math and Accounting

Training Video Explains Basics of Ami Pro 3.1

Humans' Greatest Inventions Examined

"Virtual Field Trips" Investigate Geology

Two Programs Teach Reading and Writing

"Video CD-ROMs" Can Be Previewed for Free

View Earth's Changes With Satellite Images

CD-ROM Drive Includes Built-In Stereo System

Take a Self-Guided Tour Inside the Human Body

New Package Introduces Principles of Economics

Videodisc Confronts Controversial Science

Unit Combines CD-ROM And Optical Disc Drives

Shakespeare Play Is Among New Titles

Popular Titles Now on Hybrid Mac/PC CD-ROM

Science Bundle Includes Level I Videodisc Player

News/In Brief

Workshops Concentrate on Distance Learning

New Manual Covers Environmental Ed.

MM Keyboards Integrate Speakers & Microphone

Business Partners Sell Student Admin. System

SW Publisher Offers "Community" License

Institute Trains Math and Science Teachers

Information Systems Publishers Merge

Survey Measures Size of Internet Audience

900 Phone No. Supplies Tech Support for All

Kit Helps Reinforce Scientific Concepts

OpenView Book Suits Systems Integrators

Computer Store Offers Services to Education

Firms Sponsor "Video Journalist Challenge"

Telco. Reduces Rates for Schools & Libraries

Science Talent Search Invites Applicants

Schools May Receive Free Reference Software

Texas District Installs Networked Learning Sys.

Refurbished Equipment Costs About 25% Less

Video Reveals Tips On School Fundraising

Contest Recognizes Multime

Credit Corp. Finances IT Products & Services

Awards Recognize "Innovations in Science Teaching"

Book Contains Many Computer Activities

Free Tutorial Explains Ethernet Terminology

Competition Seeks Ed. Films & Videos

Scanning Sys. Measures Educational Quality

Spanish Radio Program Focuses on Astronomy

Book Explains PL/SQL Programming Language


PCI Adapter Steps One From 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps

Transfer Data Between PC And Mainframe With Ease

GUI Control of Classroom LANs Is Just Part of Pkg.

Family of MCUs Include Full Network Switching

Wireless Link Connects PCs to Other Devices

3-Port Remote Access Server Utilizes PPP

Firms Join to Develop New Interactive Ed. Materials

Remote Access SW Will Configure the HW Itself

‘Net Users Get Realtime Desktop Videoconf. SW

28.8 & 14.4 Modems Come With Free Internet SW

Wisconsin Schools & Colleges Share Curricula Via Fiber Optic Network

JDL to Distribute to K-12

Use PCs' Parallel Ports As Network Adapters

UC Santa Cruz First to Pilot Wide-Area Wireless

Svce. Creates & Hosts K-12 Home Pages

Summer Saw Debut of campus MCI Internet

Review and Revise Documents During Conference Call Unit Is a Projector for Document Conferencing

NEC Videoconferencing Unit Features Flexibility