Linking Students to the Infosphere

Use of the Internet in the Florida Learning Support Systems

Building a School District's Wide Area Network

Tips & Tricks for K-12 Educational LANs

Product Focus

High Quiality MM Projector Has Low Price

Fool-Proof Those Cumbersome A/V Carts

Video Workstation Offers Total Solution

Learning Theater Sparks Kids' Interest

Learn to Repair Laser Printers

LCD Panels Support Multiple Formats

Unique Pad & SW Teach Handwriting

PCs Are Complete Multimedia Workstations

OHP Blows 'Em Away with 4,000 Lumens

Dell Introduces Learning Stations

New Technology Lightens LCD Projector

Projector Suited for Budget Minded

Furniture Grows Along With Students

New Workstations Feature Pentium Pro


Fla. High School Links Gradebook & More to IVR Phone System

Writing Software Help Students Make "Perfect Copy"

Remote Access Server Helps Graduate Students Avoid Traffic

College Language Learning Labs Feature Media Distribution System


Telecommunications and Networking

Ed-Tech Trends

Student Information Systems Are Integrating More Functions

Multimedia News

Read Stories in Spanish or English

Video for Grades 6-9 Introduces Careers

Workstation Houses

CD-ROM Displays Great Buildings

CD-i Teacher Kits are "Intro Priced" in April

Package Helps One Create Web Graphics

Technology Brings Web Pages "Alive"

Interactive Storybook Features "Little Critter"

Video Presents Model for Change

Music Videodics Sold at Discount

Modules Explore Real-Life Calculus

Inservice Video Covers

Learn to Tell Time In Fun-Filled

News/In Brief

Microsoft Offers New Grants for Higher Ed.

Corel Corp. Aquires WordPerfect Family

Fla. Students Learn in Live "Competitions"

Video Demonstrates Scientific Products

Atlanta Schools Install Advanced Network

Research Evaluates Impact of Technology

D.C. Project Connects Schools and Families

Preview COMPanion SW for Macs on Free CD


Connect LAN Users Directly to Internet

Web Site Serves Entire Community

Contact Manager Suits Workgroups

Database Contains Urban Ed. Resources

System Transforms Admissions Process

Use Win, DOS, & OS/2 On Same Network

Institute Offers Its Broadcasts on Video

Online Brochure Focuses on Internet

Pamphlet Explains Distance Learning

Network Solutions Designed for K-12

Networking Server Works as IP Router

Modems Ship With Internet Software


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