Video to the Desktop and Classrooms: The IUPUI IMDS Project

Teaching Visually Impaired Students in a Multimedia-Enriched Environment

KARMA: The Knowledge Acquisition Reference Multimedia Aid

Toward an Understanding of Media Psychology

Product Focus

Inexpensive Kit Secures Laptops

Editing VCR Has DSP Circuitry

LCD Panel Handles Up to 1280x1024 Resolution

Digital Printer Can Print 130 PPM

Color Desktop Video Kit Has Camera, Etc.

PC-to-TV Converter Stabilizes Images

Kiosks Ready-To-Ship In 48 Hours

Laser Printers Are Faster, Easier to Use

Desks ConfigurableInto Workstations

CD-Recorders Boast 1MB of Data Cache

Monitor Supports Multimedia Inputs

LCD Projector Offers Multiple Inputs

Furniture Allows Vertical Storage

Three Keypads Suit Notebook Computers

New CD-R Bundle Supports Many OSs


College Uses Math Software to Interest Students in Calculus

Media Distribution System Helps Rural Schools Share Resources

Multimedia Russian Course Designed for Better, More Individualized Instruction

California High School Students Publish Multimedia Yearbook


Guest Editorial (untitled)

Editorial (untitled)

Ed-Tech Trends

Telephony Products Enhance Convenience, Communication & Distance Learning

Multimedia News

Content Enhances PowerPoint Projects

Second Edition Has More World Poetry

Discs Contain Text & "Picture Shows"

Students Investigate Environmental Science

Biology Discs Boast Reinforcing Activities

Solve Math Problems, Search for Treasure

CDs Help One to Manage Stress & Time

35 Programs Blanket Environmental Topics

Five Jr. Titles Feature Original Animation

Computers & Music Explored in Depth

Time Detectives Solve Historical Mysteries

Kids Share Creations Via Electronic Mail

Self-Paced Modules Explain Computers

Learn & Create Art With "Natural" Tools

K-12 Competitions Are Delivered on CD-ROM

Corel Releases Four Early Learning Titles

MM Authoring Pkg. Needs No Scripting

Kids Learn Animation By Producing Cartoons

Kids Read Stories, Answer Questions

Series Teaches Basic Electricity Principles

Nine Experts Discuss Primary Care Medicine

Encyclopedia Links to Online Information

CD-ROM Assembles Familiar Quotations

Video Series Stars Leading Scientists

Study Cats & Birds In Virtual Museum

News/In Brief

Basic Skills Pkgs. Debut at FETC

U.K. Libraries Access New Pub. Resources

Tech/Ed Report Is Free to Educators

Book Explores School Reform

Entire Desktop Line Windows 95 Certified

MM Science Course Chosen In 2 More States

CCC's Curriculum SW Adopted in Okla.

SAT Tutorial SW Gets Best of Show

Book Guides Video Projects for Educators

Alliance Brings Improved Book Service

"Tech Paks" Contain Special-Ed Materials

SW Catalog Includes Music SW Category

Ed. Licensing Rights Are Granted to Dealers


Books Turn PC, Mac Into Web Server

Firms Assemble "ISDN Solution"

Distribute Resources Via Fiber Optic Sys.

Invest Learning Hosts Live Chats on MSN

Network CD-ROMs Across Platforms

Upgrade Enhances Videoconf. System

Telecourse Covers Internet Basics

Version 3.3 Simplifies Information Sharing

DEC Announces Internet Services

Manual Aids UNIX Sys. Administrators

Wireless Phone Hooks To Existing Networks

Intel Expands Line Of LANDesk Products