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FETC 2000 Interviews

FETC 2000 Overview


The Effects of Electronic Classrooms on Learning English Composition: A Middle Ground

Technology Infusion in A Chinese Middle School: A Comparative Perspective

New Insights on Technology Adoption in Schools

The Kulture of KLICK!

Product Focus

Apple's All-in-One iMac DV

New Releases - Podium Pro

PRINTERS - Mita'a Ci1100

Learning Advantage Launch Pad

New Releases - Kodak Digital Camera

Gateway to Low-Cost Computing

PRINTERS - FARGO Electronics, Inc.

New Releases - Securityware

New Releases - TeraNex

New Releases - Microtech International

PRINTERS - Brother International

PRINTERS - ColorSpan Corp.

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New Releases - Gateway Micro Server

New Releases - Farallon

PRINTERS - Mita's DP-2800

New Releases - MagicBox

PRINTERS - Hewlett Packard

New Releases - Seiko

San Diego Schools Zip Around the Internet

PRINTERS - Mita's Ai5050


Taming the Paper Beast


Fiber Termination Units Enhance Wall or Rack Mounts

Schools Go Wireless

Adapting Your Infrastructure

New Outlets Feature Innovative Design

Modular Office System Offers Flexibility and Fosters Faculty Member Collaboration

Broadly Speaking

Bringing Windows and UNIX Systems Together


Technology Integration

Educator's Evaluation

1999 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Deluxe Edition iMac / Power Macintosh G3

Microsoft Encarta Reference Suite 2000

Harmonic Vision's Music Ace2



Industry Perspective

Successfully Managing the Technology Design Process

News/In Brief

Late Breaks - COMPanion Corp.

Students Rock the Stock Market

League Guides Educators to Teaching and Learning on the Web

Late Breaks - AT&T

Humanities Project Strives to Bring History Alive

Late Breaks - Bishop State Community College and eCollege.com

Late Breaks - SMARTer Kids Foundation and NEC Technologies

Grant Rewards Technology Leadership