Cyber Adviser: High-Tech, High-Touch Advising

Groupware: Improving Group Communication and Information Dissemination

Sharing Craft Knowledge: The Soul of Principal Peer Assessment

An Rx for 20/20 Vision: Vision Planning and Education

Product Focus

Electronic Books Suit Language Instruction

Handheld Organizer Links to Desktop PC

TVs Can Be Enhanced Via "Smart Card" Slot

Data/Video Projector Weighs Just 17 Lbs.

Workstation Sports An Extra Large Desktop

Control 256 Computers From One Locations

MM Projector Has S-VGA Resolution

Cube Measures Geophysical Activity


Scanning System Lets Clearview Teachers Deliver Focused Instruction

University Lab Director Finds Affordable Security Software

Three Steps to Choosing an Administrative System

Collaborative Writing Package Provides a Structure for Peer & Teacher Review


Administrative Applications

Ed-Tech Trends

New Assessment Tools Provide a Closer Look at Students' Mastery

Multimedia News

Multimedia Purchasing Decisions Are Easier

Students Author "Real" Multimedia at University of Michigan

Take Advantage of Powerful 3D HW

Titles Designed for Easy Learning

Music Instruction CD Teaches the Basics

Free CD Lets One Build Custom Apps

Encyclopedia Includes Links to Web Sites

Interface Card Lets Teachers Control PCs

Young Readers Get Their Own CD Guide to Pubs.

Videodisc Features Florida History

TWC Offers More than Forecasts

10 Controllers Can Draw on Presentations

Learn the Internet In Interactive "Tour"

News/In Brief

IBM Offers Flexible Financing for Schools

Firm to Distribute Autodesk Products

Textbooks Add Multimedia Components

Publisher Donates SW To Portland District

Texas District Deploys New Comm. System

Book Explains How to Use the Internet

CCC Licenses SW to Kaplan Centers

Penn State Exploits Intranet for Advising

ERIC Report Identifies Trends in Ed. Tech.

Physics SW Now Come in Lab Packs

Firm Provides Tech. Consulting Services to Ed.

Firm Upgrades All Its Sound Systems

Scantron Distributes Gradebook Program

Delphi Tool Comes in Low-Priced Version


Data Analysis SW Is Free for Students

New Modems Integrate Analog and ISDN Tech.

Convert Documents Into Web Pages

CD Tower Line Has Ethernet Interface

Versatile Remote Access Servers Let Cleveland Educators Stay Connected

Sony Products Aid Distance Learning

AOL 3.0 Boasts Major Enhancements

Timbuktu Pro 1.3 Supports Windows NT

Videoconferencing System Has T.120 Gateway

Software Helps Libraries Link to Each Other

Intranet Toolset Exploits Javascript

Share Documents & Audio With Conf. System

Use Fiber Cable on Copper Ports