Preparing Our Children for the Third Millennium

One Approach to Motivating Faculty to Use Multimedia

Teacher Training: Helping to Construct the Information Highway

The School Design Model at Brewster Academy: Technology Serving Teaching & Learning

Product Focus

PC-to-TV Converter Requires No SW

Lock-Down Stations Protect Equipment

New Digital Camera Adds 3x Zoom Lens

Compact Speakers Offer "3D Sound"

Digital Duplicator is Fast, Flexible

Unique Color Video Camera Drops in Price

Monitors Accept Touch, Pen Input

4x CD-ROM Drive Suits Notebooks

Compaq Offers New Storage Solutions

Projector Utilizes Three LCD Layers

OH Projectors Have Extended Warranty


Law Library Provides Universal Access to Research CD-ROMs

LCD Panel Takes San Jose Teachers to New Stage of Instruction

Pa. Distance Learning Network Incorporates Video Presentation Stands

Routers Bring the Internet & More to Long Beach Unified's WAN

Hory County Middle School Students Learn by Teaching Others



Ed-Tech Trends

Mobile and Wireless Devices Help Educators & Students on the Move

Multimedia News

SW Teaches Literacy, Lets Kids Write Books

Study Mice & More in Biology Videos

Training System Now Covers Win95 Titles

Authoring SW Has Internet Integration

Interactive Atlas Gives Childred Virtual Travel

Typing Tutorials Respond to Users

Language Pack Includes Dictionary

Environmental Risk Assessments Given

Year-Long MM Writing Instruction

CD Helps Prepare Youth for Work

CD Titles Feature Fun, Learning

News/In Brief

3D Package Comes In Free Ed. Version

CD Previews Science Programs for Kids 4-14

Keyboarding Test Is Free to Readers

CA Comm. College Summit Held

Publisher Hosts Web Science Fair

Schools Can Award Novell Certification

Medical Dictionary Now Found on AOL

LCD "Value Pkgs." Ship on Same Day

Firm to Distribute Allegiant Software

Info-Access Products Receive Awards

Writing Pkg. Ships w/Language Kits

Earn a Ph.D. From Home or Office

Iomega Launches Major Initiative for Ed.

Firm to Sell Voyager Products to Schools

Graphics Firm Invites Campus Partners

Firms Collaborate On Technical CDs

Apple Recognizes Model Educators


Internet Directory Searches Selectively

Stored-Value Card Brings Convinience

Author Training SW For the Web

Web Site Offers International Courses

Cable Network Gives At-Desk Training

Control Desktop On Novell Networks

GTE Offers Special Leases for Schools

Wireless LAN Readies Ohio District for the 21st Century

Videos Continue MM Training

Internet Servers Use Dell Pentiums

Share CDs Across Multiple OS Platforms

Win NT CD Manager Keeps Track of Usage

Install & Run Downloaded Web Apps

System Integrates All School Tech Functions

Ethernet Adapters Run at 100Mbps

Edit & Link Web Images Easily