The IPT Project: Image Processing for Teaching

Global Positioning System Instruction in Higher Education

A Telecommunications-Infused Community Action Project

Technology Infrastructure Educational Specifications Checklist

Voice, Video, Data, and Education: Planning a Building's Technology Infrastructure

Product Focus

Notebook PC Uses 150MHz Processor

Monitors Accept Touch, Pen Input

Compact Speakers Offer "3D Sound"

Notebook PC Boasts New Dual-Scan LCD

Mac Clone Can Be Easily Upgraded

CRT Projector Has Trackball

Hands-On Courses Cover Telecom Art

Media Storage System Accepts Zip Drives

Digital Video Decks Are "Next Generation"

Sneak Peek: Apple eMate 300

PC-to-TV Converter Requires No SW Drivers

Turn Any Whiteboard Into Electronic Aid


Security Program Lets Michigan Teacher Tame Young & Restless Students

Science Skills "Take" Better With Data Collection & Analysis Package

Environmental Science Series Immerses Students in Real Problem

School Dramatically Raises Students' Standardized Reading Test Scores


Innovative Learning Environments

Ed-Tech Trends

Science & Simulation Products Let Students Probe Real-World Problems

Multimedia News

Teach Students to Avoid Drinking & Driving

Connect to the Net In Children's Classic

Book/CD Trios Teach Use of HyperStudio

Fairy Tales Come Alive

Upgrade to A.D.A.M Merits a New Name

Get a 4X/4X CD-R Drive for $999

Blast Through Space And Learn the 'Net

Courseware Covers PC Skills in Std. Apps

Save the Rainforest In Amazon Adventure

CD Teaches Courtroom Skills

Take a Digital Field Trip to Some Wetlands

Royalty-Free Images Come in Six Volumes

Lesson Plans Book Includes Digital Chisel SW

New "Woodbury" Math Stories Debut

News/In Brief

Services Benefit Users of CADD/CAM Pkg

BM PCs, Notebooks Offered by Outlet

Purchase Technical Books Via the Web

New Calif. University Selects Sony Products

Mindscape Broadens Educational Presence

Win $100,000 in TI's DSP Contest

SPA's Guide Promotes Technology Integration

C++ System Wins National Award

Whiteboard Costs Educators $500 Less

Activities Examine Electricity & Batteries


Lotus LearningSpace: New Ground

Fax Server Package Supports GammaLink

Internet Suite Beefs Up LAN Softwares

i-Press Project Teams Youth with Journalists

Students "Sail" the Web & Learn

"Field Trips" Include Curriculum Materials

PCI Card Houses Up to 8 Modems

Leading ISP Hits 500,000 Subscribers

Wireless LAN Runs 10 Mbps Over 10 Miles

USR Delivers 56 Kpbs Over Standard Phone Lines

Bridge Enables Wireless Net Access

Bytes of Learning